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Expressions of History: Celebrating Black Art and Culture in Edmonton

“Expressions of Identity” is a workshop designed to celebrate the rich diversity and creativity of black artists and culture, whilst also looking back at Edmonton’s expansive history. Participants will create a painting or collage that integrates historical Edmonton or famous past events in the area, with their own culture and what Edmonton embodies in present times.

Workshop Activities:

Artist Spotlight Presentations: Begin the workshop by showcasing the work of prominent black artists from various disciplines. Discuss their impact on art and culture, highlighting their unique styles, themes, and contributions.

Edmonton Showcase: A series of famous events, historical images and inspiring people from the area will then be shared. This includes 20th century Edmonton, and cultural events such as Edmonton Carnival, or Bob Marley performing in the once Sundown Theatre.

Interactive Project: Participants will then create their own painting or collage depicting one of Edmonton’s historical events or scenes, but this will be reimagined with bright colours and influences from participants’ own heritage. Old photos of Edmonton, news articles and cultural textures will be provided as guests create a multi-media depiction of vintage Edmonton vs what Edmonton is now.

Cultural Showcase and Celebration: Conclude the workshop with a showcase and celebration, where participants can share their artwork and reflections with the community.

Tiger Monkey UK Limited Workshop

Tiger Monkey UK Limited presents arts for all as easy as A, B, C…


· Adopt an elephant to take home (limited numbers) to decorate and colour.

· Brilliant bunting – make your own to take home and decorate your home or garden.

· Create your design on a small tile in the style of mandalas and art from India.

· Draw and design your own original masterpiece with a range of art materials.

Stencil & Stamp Magic – Workshop

Craft your mini masterpiece in a handmade sketchbook with Doodle Designs

Unleash your creativity in this fun and explorative workshop! We’ll be experimenting with stencils and colourful ink pads to create unique artwork in your very own mini handmade sketchbook. This is a perfect opportunity for all aspiring artists of all ages to play with vibrant colours and explore stencil techniques. Let’s get stamping!

Edmonton Arts & Crafts Workshops

These activities are a part of the Untold Edmonton program which celebrates stories from Edmonton’s culture, history, and heritage.

12:00 – 17:00

Weaving and Art Workshop

Netty Erw

Inspired by Edmonton’s history of making, join Angel Yard resident Netty Erw to learn how to use recycled materials for circular weaving. This will give participants the opportunity to make a piece of woven art using a selection of pre-prepared materials and learn how to continue weaving at home.

13:00 – 15:00

Turkish Tile Workshop

Gallipoli Music Memorial Trust

An activity for children of all ages to enjoy using the forms and ideas of the Iznik potters of Turkey to create their own tiles and other fantastic creations!

13:00 – 16:00

Clay Stamping and Plaster Casting Workshop

Charity School

Join a family crafts workshop inspired by the history of the Edmonton Charity School, which was opened as an educational space in 1793 for local girls.



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