What should a world post-COVID look like?

Through creative encounters, conversations, and interactive experiences, we will plan a future that includes all bodies, minds, and experiences. Everyone is welcome to help shape our journey to a better world.

“As someone in the clinically extremely vulnerable group for COVID, I’ve been shielding for over 24 months. In that time, I’ve reimagined my home as a spaceship, with my friends who I work with, and my cat, as the crew!

We could have travelled to Mars and back in that time!

Many people have experienced sudden changes and the need to adapt to entirely new environments. Disability rights activist Alice Wong brilliantly described disabled people as ‘Oracles’ in today’s world. We can also be your captains, sharing our knowledge to help navigate this uncertain experience. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t left the spaceship in 24 months or that I have no idea about our precise destination. What I do know is that while we may feel alone, this is a journey we must make together.”

Jess Thom, (Touretteshero)