Spare Tyre’s Tyre Pressure is a space for Deaf/Disabled, Learning disabled, neuro-divergent and neurotypical and non-disabled artists (and all of those intersections) to originate and create work together in their unique style, responding to contemporary questions, informed by the passions, skills, minds and bodies of the group.

Taking the theme for the first project from the title of Liberty Festival we will invite a small group of Deaf/Disabled, Learning disabled and non-disabled artists to collaborate on a work in progress in response to the title Freedom of Movement.

Spare Tyre brings its blend of creative anarchy and support to a safe creative space starting from the point of inclusion. In these days of identity, individual definition and collective action, what does it mean to move freely as yourself and together as a movement?

Join us
The participating artists will define the project over the three days of the festival and will open the physical and online space to members of the public to join us in experimentation, play and discussion about what movements, change and transformation mean to you.

About Spare Tyre
Spare Tyre is one of the UK’s leading participatory theatre arts companies based at the Albany,  touring nationally and online. Founded in the punk era, as a female and artist-led company, we originate projects with, by and for people from groups under-represented in arts. Proudly defying box-ticking, we change genre and style to make our work fit the people not the other way round. We work with everyday artists alongside professional and emerging artists throughout our creative processes from idea to performance. We are intersectional by nature, anti-racist, inclusive, experimental and planet-loving by choice.

Supported by Garfield Weston Foundation and ACE.